Phase III: Park Expansions

Hull Rust Mine View Overlook and Park

2016 - present

(currently in Concept Development)
Location:  Hibbing, MN 55746
Client:  City of Hibbing, MN


Future expansion of the overall site is slated as part of Phase III development. This final phase opens the lower ring road wrapping the Upper Park and consists primarily of a pedestrian and bike-friendly park.  Similar in kind to the distribution strategy of Phase I, this future Phase III park expansion deploys additional artifacts embedded in the landscape and several observation lookouts scattered around the perimeter of the site.  

For visitors, a meander to the many points of observation throughout the upper and lower parks focus a range of experiences and the extraordinary vistas that surround.   In aggregate, these moments of observation and pause frame a collection of legacies and future potentials tethered to this complex site and culturally rich region in which it is embedded.  In this regard, the distributed elements that make up this project serve a dual purpose:  as a series of outwardly directed framing devices that speak to this place’s local and global impact, while simultaneously focusing those experiences inward to the core of a site set within its historic and regional context.

- lower park: lookouts and bike+pedestrian paths -

Project Team
LUCITO, design