Hull Rust Mine View

Overlook and Park
2016 - present

Location:  Hibbing, MN 55746

Client:  City of Hibbing, MN
with generous support from Cliffs Natural Resources & the IRRRB


The story of the Mesabi Iron Range dates back to prehistory in geological terms. The Hull Rust Mahoning Open Mine Pit, one of the largest open pit mines in the world, has never stopped its expansion since the discovery of iron ore 150 years ago. The City of Hibbing, no stranger to the effects of the expanding mine, was once hailed as “The Town that Moved” in honor of its early 20th century migration. Today, the town continues this journey coinciding with the relocation of the Hull Rust Mine View facility. The new park and visitor center promote further recognition of the Mesabi Range’s legacy rooted in geologic and historical circumstances, while celebrating the unique values brought to the region through its diverse heritage and people.
- iron ore in soil of Hull Rust Mine View site -
- postcards of the Hull Rust Mine from mid 20th century -