The Stand

Competition Entry for the Winter Stations 2020,
Beyond the Five Sense

Location:  Woodbine Beach in Toronto, Canada


Where once stood a stand lies a grove of red pillars.  A gaze through to the horizon finds a modest observational outpost that has become the unlikely participant in a fractured and disjointed image-world, a once-fixed memory obliterated within a field of perceptual delirium.  Stitched within resides an image of the horizon - dislocated from beyond and presented anew. In its detached state it has become reliant on this fragmented reality for its very stability.
Two sets of calibrated reflective planes hover within the columnar grove of The Stand, displacing images from the periphery to its interior.  Viewers meandering around and through The Stand are met with a sea of virtual images that break from expected reality.  These projections have become suspended in a manner that preserves coherence with the horizon - a continuous linkage between The Stand and the illusory world it reflects.