Residence H

Residential Renovation of a Single-family House
Location:  Philadelphia, PA

Size:  approx. 1,100 sqft

The house, originally the Joseph William Bates House, was built in 1857 and is included on the Philadelphia Register of Historic Places today.  In 1867, the residence was reworked by the architecture firm of Fraser, Furness and Hewitt who notably designed separate portions of the home giving it a distinctly split character and personality.  Given this unique lineage, the house holds significant importance to the history of Philadelphia architecture and more widely within the legacy and development of a truly American architectural style.

LUCITO returns portions of the 2nd and 3rd floors to the original grandeur of the residence, while recognizing the idiosyncrasies of the house and characteristics that have become a part of its rich history.

Through research and observation of the existing structure, LUCITO identifies and celebrates the existing characteristics of the house deemed important to the owner, while working with them to design new architectural features as they impart their legacy on this magnificent home.

The design for the house is not intended to be a historic renovation or preservation per se, rather it is to be considered a respectful dialogue on the house’s historic legacy and design while meeting the needs of the owner.

All photos © Peter J. Sieger
Project Team
LUCITO, design
Blakelock Architects, architect of record
Hivemind Construction, general contractor
Ann Rothman, structural engineering
Lee Dunsmore, ornamental plaster