A Line in the Sand

Competition Entry for the Winter Stations 2019, Migration

Location:  Woodbine Beach in Toronto, Canada


- concept plan - 

- section diagram -

- process of ‘Line’ at Woodbine Beach -

A Line in the Sand.  Although metaphorical, this phrase has been central to countless historical conflicts, often the precipitator of consequential events that follow. Evidence of such rhetoric can be found throughout history dating from ancient India, The Roman Empire, and biblical events through to the Alamo and Gulf War I.  

While commonplace, it has nonetheless been shaping territory and history by continually redefining notions of figurative and literal boundary.
Our proposal introduces a series of shallow Lines carved in the earth, to be drawn of the existing impermanent materials of the site, sand and water. Excavated sand forms Lines whose hollows dually act as canals and boundary as they are filled by the waters of Lake Ontario.

Lines purposefully floods the natural basin on the beach allowing passage only when it is frozen, drawing attention to the physical consequences of imposing boundaries in the land.

- ‘Line’ at Woodbine Beach - 

- Frozen ‘Line’ at Woodbine Beach -