Silent Screen Program
Activating Environmental Awareness
at the Supernova Digital Animation Festival: 7th Dimension

Fall 2022

Location:  16th and Arapahoe St., Denver, Colorado
Date + Time:  September 17th, noon-8pm
Client:  Denver Digerati

Now, more than at any time in this generation’s history, we are feeling trapped…in our homes and through the shared experiences and resources bound by limited space. 

A hand, out of scale, reaches from the depths below and struggles for a way out. Fingers, the most sensitive area of the human body, test for cracks in the boundaries of the container in which they are trapped.  Constrained, this aimless hand embodies the pressures of us all, feeling for a way out while prodding its territory, pressing to the point of breaking its bounds. 

In the final moments of this piece, we see the hand trapped within a sphere, floating in space.

LUCITO selected to display a short animation on an LED screen in downtown Denver, Colorado as a part of the Supernova Digital Animation Festival: 7th Dimension, Silent Screen Program on September 17th, 2022.

Currently in production. 

Project Team
LUCITO, concept, design